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Conference: from 08.30 a.m. to 09.30 a.m.

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Location: PwC Legal - Crystal Park
2, rue Gerhard Mercator - L-2182 Luxembourg

Upcoming breakfast conferences

3 March 2020 - Le licenciement en cas de non-performance

Synopsis: Alors que les tribunaux du travail ont tendance à être plus stricts dans leur évaluation des « raisons réelles et sérieuses » qui sous-tendent les licenciements, le non-respect des objectifs dans le cadre d’un licenciement fondé sur la performance n'est plus nécessairement suffisant pour justifier un tel licenciement. Au cours de ce petit-déjeuner, nous ferons un point des derniers développements jurisprudentiels et nous fournirons des conseils pratiques afin de gérer le manque de performance d’un salarié et être bien préparé pour limiter les risques d’un licenciement abusif.
Speaker: Cindy Arces & Jean-Michel Rosa
Language: FR

10 March 2020 - Fund Structuring 101: Regulatory and Tax Aspects

Synopsis: Regulatory and Tax Aspects: During that breakfast, we will walk you through the fundamentals of the Luxembourg investment funds toolbox, presenting the various regulatory regimes applicable, the service providers that are generally involved and the general tax regimes applicable to Luxembourg investment funds.
Speaker: Mathieu Scodellaro & Antoine-Michel Rodriguez
Language: EN

17 March 2020 - Discrimination at the workplace


A general framework preventing discrimination in all aspects of the employment relationship has been enacted in Luxembourg 15 years ago. The principles are clear and well-known, but their practical implementation in the context of daily HR practices and policies is not always considered and raises numerous questions of interpretation:

  • How to assess "equal pay for equal work" between men and women?
  • Is it admissible to prorate annual bonus for employees who have been on maternity leave?Does the prohibition of religious signs at the workplace constitute discrimination?
  • At which point making an elderly employee redundant may be construed as a discrimination based on age?

These are some of the questions that we will discuss in the course of the conference, highlighting notably relevant court decisions and practical examples. We will also outline the legal exposure for both the company and the individuals in the event of discriminatory HR practices and the course of action in the event of a discrimination claim.

Speaker: Marielle Stévenot & Raphaël Dionis
Language: EN

31 March 2020 - Practical comparison of the simplified dissolution and standard liquidation


The Luxembourg law provides for two different different options to liquidate a commercial company. On one side the standard three steps procedure and on the other side the dissolution without liquidation, also called "simplified dissolution".
These two procedures have some common points and also many differences from a legal perspective but also from a practical perspective.
During our presentation, we will briefly remind you the legal steps of the two procedures but we will mainly focus on the following practical aspects:

  • roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders
  • time management
  • compliance aspects
  • points of attention
  • pros and cons

This will help you to have a better understanding of the two procedures and to see which option is more suitable for your cases.

Speaker: Maxime Gillot, Quentin Ramaget avec la participation de François Guyot de PwC SC
Language: EN
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